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Why Quinn?

Quinn Vehicles brand reputation is built upon our continual dedication to design and manufacturing leadership in refrigerated body and panel body manufacture. Our world-class manufacturing processes have been developed to manufacture Quinn bodies on high-volume processes, utilizing only the highest quality inputs and state-of-the-art equipment. At Quinn Vehicles quality means defect free. Quality assurance mechanisms are built into each key stage of the manufacturing process, and are operated by experienced, highly-skilled employees. Safety, performance and reliability are of the utmost importance. Each manufactured product is fully quality-tested before it ever leaves our facility.

Like most things in business, manufacturing excellence is largely about people. While ensuring we have the latest in technology and equipment, we also invest in our staff and employees to make sure they are the best in their field. Working at Quinn Vehicles, they get the opportunity for hands-on learning in a diverse manufacturing environment. Our team’s enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge, along with their dedication to customer satisfaction mean that manufacturing excellence is a way of life at Quinn Vehicles.

Each body is custom built to individual client’s needs. Great emphasis is placed on maintaining individual service to all customers, whether from small or large companies. In 1997 Quinn Vehicles received ATP Class C International Approval for the transport of perishable goods. In 2004 Quinn Vehicles received ADR Approval for the transport of hazardous goods in a controlled environment.


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 A Core Commitment

A dedication to manufacturing excellence is key to producing high-quality products. The commitment to excellence is supported through Quinn Vehicles mutual operating philosophies:

  • Focused Factory Approach
    At our state-of-the-art facility in Athenry we tailor our products to the needs of a particular client and market. As specialists in vehicle body manufacture Quinn Vehicles brings broad, deep industry knowledge to each project, minimizing the learning curve and maximizing speed to market.
  • Continuous Improvement
    Continuous gains in production efficiencies and product quality are corporate-wide goals. Benchmarked advances are pursued through investment in manufacturing technology, research and development and process improvements.
  • Capacity Expansion
    Quinn Vehicles long-range strategic approach anticipates growth in customer requirements and allows for additional capacity to be added through focused manufacture and technology.


Superior Build Quality

Quinn Vehicles have an industry-wide reputation for superior build quality and are renowned for their longevity even under the toughest of operating conditions.

High quality materials and robust construction means that Quinn vehicles and trailers:

  • Are ensured of a long operational life, giving value for money on the initial investment;
  • Can withstand rigorous and intensive use over time;
  • Are highly reliable and low maintenance, therefore reducing the frequency of repairs and consequently minimising downtime.


Quinn Vehicles attitude to our customers provides the following benefits:

  • Consultative approach is the key to Quinn Vehicles ethos that the product should be “right first time” with constant improvements overtime;
  • Every vehicle and trailer is designed and built to order, with no pre-set formulas or prohibitive designs hence ensuring that each customer has a unique specification.