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Manufacturing & Services

At Quinn Vehicles we have a unique ability to manufacture each and every component in our bodies under one roof in our factory in Athenry. This gives us total control over quality ensuring every body is built to the highest standard. Our self-tailored all-in-one assembly method is unique in body building. The company is at the forefront of sandwich panel technology in Europe. Quinn Vehicles utilises this experience to manufacture and assemble panels for the food transport, blue light and defence sectors.

The company has evolved over the last 5 generations but the Unique Selling Points (USP) has intrinsically remained the same. These are:

  • Quality/Durability
    The company’s core competency, is the quality of the product that it produces. Testimony to that quality and durability is that some of the fridges/bodies on the road are in excess of 20 years old.
  • On Site Manufacturing
    Every process from design, sub-frame manufacture, panel laminating, assembly and finishing process are carried out on site at our own facility.
  • Design Flexibility & Manufacturing Capacity
    The company has always show a flexibility in design ethos right up to the point of manufacture and has an ability to manufacture one vehicle or 100 vehicles on site at our facility.
  • Delivery
    Quinn Vehicles has the ability and developed a reputation to delivery on a very tight timeframe and to very rigid delivery dates.
  • Expertise
    Quinn Vehicles long history has allowed it to learn from its mistakes and hence improve on the overall manufacturing process. It then passed this expertise to its clients via the products and support that it provides.
  • Innovators
    Quinn Vehicles have been at the forefront of sandwich panel manufacturing and has developed, unique systems in the manufacturing of the panels and body.

Every step of the design & manufacture process is carried out at our own facility by our highly skilled and well-motivated staff.

Quinn Vehicles recognise the importance of providing a full project consultation service, so that we can fully assist our client in getting the best solution to the project. Quinn’Vehicles have built up experience over the last fifty years in the manufacture of your product and will provide you with a solution to any problems/issues that you we may face during the journey.

Our in-house design and technical department has the latest technology, meaning that you can be assured of the most up-to-date design features and you can be confident that your trailer / body will be compliant with the most current legislation. In addition, the product will be designed to the most cost effective specification utilising our 200 years of experience in manufacturing. By having the design in-house allows us to take responsibility for optimisation, suitability and durability each design and component in the build.

Quinn Vehicles offer a wide range of in house skills and experience with CNC cutting, folding, welding and painting facilities and this allows us to keep tight control on quality at all aspects of the build along with the delivery time. The ability to manufacture in-house allows us to deliver a quality, consistent product to tight timescales.

Quinn Vehicles provide the customer with a variety of different options depending on the function of the body that we are building. Quinn Vehicles are responsible for managing all suppliers, supply into the manufacturing process; this includes all ancillary equipment, tail lifts and refrigeration. This means that the vehicle can go straight into service.