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“The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation” Roger Iger

Our customers come to us because they know that creating new, profitable products requires world-class ideas and innovation in manufacturing and process technology. The reason we have been in manufacturing so long is because we understand that technology does not stand still. Part of our secret is our continuous search for simpler and better ways of making things – faster, more efficiently, more cost effectively, using fewer resources. Our management team spends a proportion of their time investigating and developing new technologies to make our manufacturing processes even better.

Businesses today are facing many challenges, including resource scarcity, urbanisation, population growth, ecological decline and climate change. However, these challenges are also great opportunities for our business.

We are responding to these challenges with imagination and agility, supporting the enduring success of our clients in a rapidly changing social and physical context.

InnovationOur sustainability innovation programme involves identifying opportunities; commissioning research into new products and markets; and incubating, piloting, evaluating, financing and rolling out new products.

The three main areas we have identified for sustainable innovation are:

  • New products
  • Operational efficiency
  • Social performance

In today’s fast-moving world, ideas do not just come from internal specialists – bringing in the right external idea can bypass several years of development time, helping us bring the best new products to market more quickly.