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“We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment”
Margaret Mead

Quinn Vehicles is committed to achieving the highest standards of environmental performance, preventing pollution and minimising the impact of its operations. Quinn Vehicles must protect the environments in which we work and live as a healthy planet and a healthy community goes hand in hand. We are adapting the way we manage our business to become more energy efficient and meet the challenges presented by climate change.

In addition to reducing our CO2 emission, Quinn Vehicles is committed to minimising the consumption of natural resources including water and energy and reducing the waste that it generates at its factory. We appreciate to achieve this reduction the company require the cooperation of all its employees and suppliers.

Quinn Vehicles are dedicated to ensuring that our activities are conducted in a manner that achieves and maintains the highest environmental standards. Our focus is not only on the environmentally relevant impact of our products – throughout their entire lifecycle – but also on the environmental impact of our own activities. Quinn Vehicles focus not only on the manufacturing phase but also on the design, sales, use, service, and disposal phases of our products. This allows us to satisfy product-related environmental protection requirements at an early stage in product and production planning. Within the framework of best possible customer service, we wish to ensure a lesser impact on the environment, resources are spared and our customers are most satisfied. Quinn Vehicles have a responsibility to take care of our planet and preserve its beauty, resources and strength for future generations.