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Specialist Vehicles

Quinn Vehicles have built up an expertise in the manufacture of a number of specialist products.  These products are an extension of our current manufacturing system and we have been able to transfer the knowledge, experience and manufacturing prowess to these products.

Specialist Vehicles/Units that we have manufactured include

  • Mobile Media Broadcasting Units
  • Fine Art & Furniture Transport Climate Controlled Vehicles
  • Mobile Retail Solutions

At Quinn Vehicles the specialist units/vehicles are bespoke design and build bodies that will be tailored specifically to the sectors requirement. Our in-house design and technical department has the latest technology, meaning that you can be assured of the most up-to-date design features and you can be confident that your specialist units/vehicles will be compliant with the most current legislation. Quinn Vehicles can meet the specific needs of each customer’s operational requirement.

Key Features of Specialist Vehicle Products:

  • GRP interior / exterior skins with white aluminium cappings;
  • Flexibly designed conversions based on a variety of vehicles and platforms;
  • Fully CAD designed throughout the entire project planning stages;
  • An extensive range of interior surfaces finishes, reversing cameras and LED lighting options;
  • Fully customised door options including height and width side and rear door options with stainless steel rear frame;
  • Side and rear step options;
  • Fully customised paint and graphic options.